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This information creates understanding what kind of forklift the fork arms will be mounted on
Width (mm)
The width is mostly depending of the cargo. The wider the fork is, the less will the impact on the cargo be. There might also be limitations how wide the fork arm can be, i.e container pockets.
Thickness (mm)
The thickness is very important when it comes to deflection and capacity. The fork arm might withstand the cargo load but the deflection might be too much. It is a balance between getting a rigid fork and the correct capacity.
Load center (mm)
This is crucial as the fork arms must be designed accordingly to the forklift truck specification. You’ll find this data on your forklift truck technical label.
Lift truck capacity (kg)
This is the same as for the load centre. The fork arms must be designed accordingly to specified capacity of the lift truck.
Lifting capacity in kg/fork, sf 3
This is the calculated capacity of the fork arm at given load centre. Safety factor 3.
Please note that it’s calculated with Scana Booforge own material and its features. For other requirements, there are possibilities to get even higher capacity with the same cross section.
Lifting capacity in kg/fork
safety factor 3

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