Our forging units hit for Swedish quality

Rarely has the term ”Made in Sweden” been more appropriate to use. That is exactly what you get when you engage us for your free-form forging. All of our products are forged in Sweden and the work is done by skilled professionals. They have long experience and extensive knowledge in free-form forging, particularly for applications requiring complex shapes, small series and extreme strength.

The goods is forged in our forging units. We handle piece weights between 10 and 3,000 kilos. The materials are, in addition to normal low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium, among others.

Whatever we forge, you can always expect a quality job, secure deliveries of both small and large series, as well as a personal and flexible attitude. To us here at Booforge Steel, being flexible and customer-oriented is essential.

And sharing our experince and knowledge of materials in free-form forging is equally natural to us. The sooner we meet, the better the result of our cooperation.

Heavy forging is our speciality.


In addition to our own test laboratories, we also cooperate with accredited laboratories.


In our forging units, piece weights between 10 and 3,000 kilos are handled.

Product Groups



Shafts with flanges


D flange max: 350 mm
D shaft max: 300 mm
L max: 5,000 mm
Weight max: 3,000 kg


Stub axles


D flange max: 600 mm
D shaft max: 190 mm
H max: 1,500 mm
Weight max: 400 kg


Eccentric shafts


D eccentricity max: 350 mm
D shaft max: 200 mm
L max: 5,000 mm
Weight max: 3,000 kg

Round products




Dy max: 1,100 mm
T max: 50 mm
Weight max: 1,000 kg




Dy max: 1,100 mm
Di max: 900 mm
H max: 420 mm
Weight max: 450 kg


Washers with pin


Dy max: 600 mm
Dy max (pin): 500 mm
H max: 500 mm
Weight max: 700 kg



Square and flat rods


Dim/Width max: 780 mm
L max: 7,000 mm
Weight max: 3,000 kg


Round rods


D max: 350 mm
L max: 7,000 mm
Weight max: 3,000 kg

The data above are guideline values.

Our process

From steel to finish with Booforge Steel

Our collaboration starts with a requirements analysis in which we answer questions like:

  • Where will the part be used?
  • Is the environment corrosive?
  • What kind of impact will the part be exposed to?
  • Which material and quality standards should it meet?

When the analysis is complete, we take action. What we have agreed on, we will deliver. On time. With the right quality. Safe and secure.

What makes us able to keep these promises, is the fact that we have both the capacity and the control from start to finish. We produce the steel according to the set requirement specifications, forge and heat treat. We also have the equipment and the knowledge to machine and weld. We end test and verify. When the finished part or design has passed our controls, we deliver it together with all the required documents, for example material data, test scores, identification and traceability.

And by that, the circle is closed and we look forward to start again. With a new analysis. With a new dialogue. With another constructive collaboration.